The Gearmotors that Infini-Turn and Always-Go

We've got the most reliable motors and gearboxes for FIRST Tech Challenge teams. You can find our legal motors when you look for "NeveRest". These motors are pre-attached for your convenience to differing gearboxes to match your applications.

NeveRest Ratios:

You can get NeveRests in the following flavors, ready for use in mechanisms, and more!
  • 3.7:1, great
  • 14:1, ultra fast, low torque drive trains
  • 20:1 fast drive trains with some pushing power
  • 40:1 the stock tried and true drive train speed
  • 51:1 strong drive motors for folks who don't like even numbers!
  • 60:1
  • 264:1 ultra torque-ie combination for lifting heaving things, like your robot!

I need more ratios and mounting options!

We have you covered with even more than this if you need it. Use PicoBox gearboxes to expand the capabilities of your NeveRest motors and gearboxes.

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