3D Part Print Files

3D Printed Bracket for Open Mesh Radio

This bracket securely holds the Dual Band Radio, OM5P-AN Access Point (am-3277) with the use of cable ties. This bracket provides locations to cable tie your power cable to. Below are links to the layout print, and print files for making this part in your facility.

STL File(.stl)
CAD (Right-Click Save As)
Layout Print (PDF)

120A Breaker Shield

This shield is designed to protect a 120 amp main breaker from other robots and game pieces. The shield gives the main breaker protection without sacrificing accessibility. The shield mounts around the breaker with clearance holes for the 120 amp breaker so no new hardware is needed.

Thanks to the students of FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4364 for designing this printable main breaker protection device. Visit their website here!

STL File
(.stl) (right click save as)
Step File(.stp) (right click save as)
Layout Print(.PDF)

Robot Signal Light Bracket

This useful bracket, designed by FIRST Robotics Competition Team 8711, The Midnight Ostrich Runners, holds the Robot Signal Light and allows mounting where convenient.

This is designed for mounting the Allen-Bradley model # 855PB-B12ME522 required for FIRST teams, but could also be modified to work with the Unofficial RSL.

STEP File (.step)(right-click save as)
RSL Bracket (.stl)(righ-click save as)
Layout Print (.pdf)(right-click save as)

Peanut Drill Guide (am-4021)

Our Peanut Extrusion (am-3090-6) is named for the peanut-shaped rib in the middle that provides additional strength for attachments. For proper alignment to the connecting piece you want to hit that rib--but we know that's not always easy when the surface is curved. This 3D-printed hole guide will help by clipping onto the peanut extrusion for better alignment. 

We have two versions of the file. We recommend and sell the version that features press-in drill bushings to help you drill even straighter. We also provided a file that doesn't use them.

Bushing Drill Guide (.stl)
No Bushing Drill Guide (.stl)
STEP file (.step) (right click save as)
Layout Print (.pdf)

3D Printed Radio Power Retention Clip

The Radio Power Wire Retention Clip is designed to hold the power wire for you OM5P-AN or OM5P-AC radio (am-3277) in place. It is easy to install, and to get your radio out of. It is designed to work with the Power Cable for the OpenMesh Radio (am-3082) but can be used with any radio power connector that goes straight out of the jack on the radio. Designed by Alan Richman from FRC team 1257 and updated as needed.

Print File (STL)
Solidworks (SLDPRT)
Setup (PDF)

CTRE SRX Mag Encoder Mount Adapter for AM Toughbox Mini

A spacer to allow the SRX Mag Encoder from Cross the Road Electronics to work with the AndyMark Toughbox Mini with magnetic output shaft.

This spacer was designed by Bram Lovelace from Team 900.

STL File
(.stl) (right click save as)
STEP File(.stp) (right click save as)

3D Printable DeCIMate Case

Open gearboxes are susceptible to pinch points and allowing grease to be flung out. If you wish to enclose a DeCIMate, 3D printing this case is a great option.

3D Print File (.STL)
DeCIMate Assembly Guide (PDF)

AndyMark Logo

Print off AndyMark logos and put them everywhere!

3D Print File (.STL)

AndyMark 3D Logo

A 3 dimensional cube of the AndyMark logo.  Be VERY careful, the points can be very sharp!

3D Print File (.STL)

NR Bevel Box Cover

This helps prevent anything from being pinched in the gears, such as wires or fingers. 

Additionally, it allows users to install a 6mm x 8mm bushing (am-1289) in the back to further support the 6mm D shaft.

3D Print File (.STL)

String Potentiometer Enclosure

This enclosure is used to house the String Potentiometer (am-2674BUILT)

String Pot - Case_for_filament_printer (.stl)(righ-click save as)
String Pot - Cap (Small Slot) (.stl)(righ-click save as)
String Pot - Spool_for_filament_printer_V3 (.stl)(righ-click save as)

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