What is a bundle?

Looking for great deals and an easy way to shop, saving you time and money?

Bundles are where it's at.  Here you can find below many different ways that bundling and kitting products together can help, and we'll continue to work on getting you great savings.

Many of these bundles have taken the hard work out of figuring what components are compatible. Rest assured, getting bundles saves you time, money, and headache!

Drive Systems View all

AM14U5 Wheel Upgrades

$235.00 – $1,029.00

West Coast Drive Chassis

$280.00 – $1,400.00

SDS MK4i Swerve Modules

$365.00 – $936.00

SDS MK4 Swerve Modules

$300.00 – $666.00

Electrical Bundles View all

Electronic Bundles Builder

$121.00 – $1,691.00

FRC Robot Build Bundles View all

FRC Basic Starter Bundle

$2,449.00 – $2,929.00

FRC Intermediate Starter Bundle

$3,589.00 – $4,059.00

2024 Everybot Intake Kit



FTC Robot Build Bundles View all
Hardware Bundles View all

SDS MK4i Pinion Kits

$22.00 – $24.00

SDS MK4i 10-32 Screw Kit



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